Exclusive Experience: Zeppelin Sightseeing Flights from Bonn/Hangelar

A spectacular gift above the Rhineland

Experience the Rhineland, over the cities of Cologne and Bonn from the unique Zeppelin perspective. A sightseeing flight with the Zeppelin is the alternative to an ordinary helicopter flight or a balloon ride and a guaranteed unforgettable and exclusive experience!

From the airfield Bonn/Hangelar we offer the exclusive sightseeing flights over the many highlights of the region on selected dates. Experience sightseeing in a new dimension! Two different routes will take you over the cities of the Rhineland and offer you breathtaking views along the Rhine. Choose between the routes: "Cologne Cathedral" and "Bonn-Siebengebirge".

If you are looking for an exclusive gift idea, a Zeppelin flight over these cities is sure to be a memorable experience.

Routes & Dates 2022:


Former federal capital from a new perspective

Villa Hammerschmidt, UN Campus, Königswinter, Drachenfels - a magnificent view from 300 meters.

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Hovering above the cathedral city

Experience the landmark of Cologne from the unique Zeppelin perspective.

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Special flight: from Bonn/Hangelar to Mönchengladbach


Special flight over Cologne Cathedral and Neuss to Mönchengladbach

Your one-way ticket at a special price.

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