Highest flight comfort with maximum safety

High-tech, specialised development know-how and an unrivalled wealth of experience are the basis for the success of the Zeppelin NT.


Technical data of the Zeppelin NT Zeppelin N07-101

Zeppelin LZ N07-101 – New technology airship
First flight: 18 September, 1997
Thrusters: Lycoming IO-360 with each 147kw/200PS
Length: 75 m
Width: 19,5 m
Height: 17,4 m
Envelope volume: 8.425 m³
Max. take-off weight: 8.050 kg

Loading capacity:

1.900 kg
Max. speed: 125 km/h
Max. flight altitude: 3.000 m NN
Max. flight duration:

approx. 22 h

Reach: 1.000 km