Discover the towers, gates and landmarks of Ravensburg from a new perspective

Ravensburg's landmarks greet you from afar - and baroque splendorous buildings along the way. Discover the towers, gates and attractions of Ravensburg from a new perspective - whether alone, as a couple or as an unusual gift idea.

On the 45-minute adventure sightseeing flight, you will fly over the hop town of Tettnang with its baroque castle, built at the beginning of the 18th century by Count Montfort. In Weissenau follows the baroque monastery church of St. Peter and Paul. With 14 gates and towers that remain from the city wall that was knocked down in 1835, Ravensburg finally offers a closed medieval townscape. The city has always been an important trading center and is now the industrial and shopping center of Upper Swabia. Weingarten borders directly on Ravensburg. Here the largest baroque basilica on this side of the Alps greets you. From there, the route returns past Waldburg Castle, which dates back to the 16th century.

Our special tip: Book an adventure sightseeing flight with the Zeppelin NT as an exclusive location for your company celebration or as a special idea for an incentive event. The flight "Ravensburg" is also available as a gift voucher! We will be happy to advise you!

Locations*:Zeppelin Hangar FN, Tettnang, Waldburg, Ravensburg, Meckenbeuren
Flight duration:45 minutes
Season:April; October to mid-November
Prices per person
Adults:470 euros
Children:2-12 years: 20% discount on the regular price.

* Depending on weather conditions, the itinerary may be changed at short notice.


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